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Vertical deep hole drillLG-U650

Vertical deep hole drillLG-U650

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  • Release date:2020-05-19 21:40:00
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It is recommended to select small and medium size workpiece

 Product Parameters

      LG-U650Standard specifications






         Xshaft(About the trip)mm600

         Yshaft(Before and after the trip)

           Zshaft(Up and down stroke)mm500
    Distance between spindle center and column guide railmm560
        Distance from end face of main shaft to working surfacemm154-654
The workbench              Table sizemm700×420
      T-slot (number × size × spacing)
        The maximum bearing weight of the tablekg600
The spindle    Spindle taper hole (model/mounting size)
Spindle speedrpm8000
The motorThe spindle motorkw5.5
The X axis motorkw0.85
Y motorkw0.85
The Z axis motorkw1.8
High pressure pump motorkw3.7
Hydraulic pump motorkw0.75
Oil cooled motorkw0.75
Feed speedTriaxial limit cutting feed ratem/min10
Three axes move fastm/min48
precisionPositioning accuracymm±0.005
Repeat accuracymm±0.005



The processing aperturemm1-12.7
Extreme machining depthmm200

Cutting oil 


High pressure pump limit pressureMpa10
Maximum discharge of high pressure pumpL/min13L
Fuel tank capacityL200
Hydraulic oil installationHydraulic pump limit pressureMpa2.5
otherThe machine weightkg约3900
Machine floor space size (length × width × height)mm约2000×2800×2800
Air pressure requirementskg/cm²5~8



Product highlights

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Vertical deep hole drilling product characteristics

1. The equipment is controlled by numerical control, which makes the one-button machining easy and convenient.

2. Vertical gun drilling is used for machining and one-tool forming to achieve accurate aperture, smooth and clean hole wall and improve machining efficiency.

3. The overall upgrade of the structure makes the structure more stable, the quality more excellent, the efficiency and the precision more guaranteed.

4. High efficiency and precision drilling technology is widely used in: mold manufacturing, mold top pinhole, cylinder hole, insert pinhole, blank hole, template hole, countersunk hole, water hole, screw hole, well hole, precision parts, toy mold, 5G communication, automobile manufacturing, medical industry, 3C electronics industry, aerospace and other fields!

5. High-tech enterprises, independent core technologies and manufacturers of inventions


Expert drilling technique

High precision: aperture accuracy of ±0.01mm

High efficiency: time is 15/1 of traditional cutting

High quality: precise aperture, clean hole wall, straight mirror

High stability: stable batch processing, small tool wear, durable

Low cost: the cost is 40/1 of traditional cutting

Used for drilling, milling, boring, tapping and other processing scenarios


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